COP 28: Nepal’s proactive approach to secure compensation on the world stage

Amar Jyoti
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Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal left for the UAE on Wednesday night to participate in COP 28.

The draft of Dahal’s speech for COP 28 in Dubai, scheduled from November 30 to December 12, has been prepared. However, it remains uncertain whether Dahal will solely inform the global community about the adverse impacts Nepal has endured due to climate change or will issue a stern warning to developed nations. The goal might be to secure their commitment, along with support from the international climate fund, for compensating the effects suffered by Nepal.

Experts, however, argue that Nepal, a country experiencing disproportionate harm despite playing a minor role in climate change, has not sufficiently prepared its case for seeking compensation.

Maheshwar Dhakal, Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Forests and Environment says that comprehensive preparations have been undertaken for COP 28. The government team is actively engaged in the UAE to organise a ‘side event’ during COP 28.

Leading up to COP 28, the government have been engaged in numerous preparatory activities. The Ministry of Forestry reported that discussions took place at various levels on how to approach this year’s COP.

In anticipation of COP 28, Prime Minister Dahal has publicly expressed the intention to internationalise the impact of climate change on Nepal and pursue compensation. Prior to the conference, on November 19, during a public address in Rukum East, Dahal emphasised the need to bring attention to the challenges faced by Nepal due to climate change on the international stage.

Dahal has argued that Nepal has received insufficient funds from developed nations to address the impacts of climate change.

“It is our right to secure increased funding from developed countries. This year’s emphasis will be on that,” Dahal said.

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